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Case one results: elder abuse

Our client, in this case, is a 52-year-old man charged at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Antelope Valley with a felony in the name of elder abuse of a 70-year-old man. The client was faced with a 4-year prison sentence. It was alleged that our client was responsible for causing a large hematoma to the skull of the man, along with two black eyes caused from punching.


The preliminary hearing concluded, as ruled by the magistrate, that the elder was the catalyst in the scenario who initially started the aggressive behavior and our client only responded in self-defense. In many similar cases dealing with fighting and aggressive behavior, clients and defendants can have vastly different stories, due to which many times it can be law enforcement or prosecutors who determine the victim based on sympathy, political correctness etc., and not the facts.

Our client was charged with spousal abuse (Penal Code 273.5, and cruelty to a child by inflicting injury (Penal Code 273a(b)). After our investigation, we uncovered evidence demonstrating a change of story with the spouse being the one who injured himself and the child in question to gain leverage in a separate child custody case hearing. This resulted in our client being exonerated and all charges dropped at the Los Angeles Superior Court.


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Case two results: spousal and child abuse


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